Colourful Prayer Streamers Near Mt. Everest

Such colourful streamers flying from poles are common sight in Tibet. Local Budhists believe that these are links connecting Almighty and man and the wind which causes the fluttering and swaying of the streamers, carries their prayers to Him for His blessings. (More info and pictures about these streamers in my Blog - Travelogue Of An Armchair Travelogue - The streamers shown here were captured by Google Street View camera at Kala Patthar, a small peak (5,643m/18,513 feet) not very far from Mt. Everest. Kala Patthar has the unique distinction, that it presents a full view of Mt. Everest from base to its peak including South Col and its glacier. Many trekkers climb to the top of Kala Patthar to get such a clear view. It was bad luck for GSV Camera team, that on the day of their visit to Kala Pathar, Mt. Everest was shrouded by the clouds and it is barely discernible between the peeping Sun and the pole. (See my blog - Roaming The Google Streets)