Monaco Boats and Skyscrapers

The boats and skyscrapers of Monaco with French mountain range in the background.

Cesta Fortress

Pathway leading to Cesta Towers, one of the three iconic fortress towers of San Marino. It is located on the highest of the three peaks of Monte Titano in the capital city of San Marino. The three towers are depicted on both the national flag as well as on coat of arms of the country.

Cherry Blossom at Fukushima

This more than 1000 years old giant cherry is one of the three oldest cherry trees in Japan. Known as the Miharu-Takizakura cherry tree, its branches spread out to over 22 metres from edge to edge with its root having a circumference of 11 metres. It is listed in national heritage list of Japan. The Miharu town had suffered badly in the the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami but the tree survived and continues to bloom. It has since become a symbol of resilience and hope. (Source of Info: The Telegraph)

Sunset in Lapland

Somewhere in Lapland, Finland.

Waiting for Picnickers

Some empty colourful mats and pair of empty chairs at the beach at Lake Garda at Malcesine, Italy.

Colourful Bird Houses

When pegman dropped me at this location I thought it was some shop selling colourful birdhouses but these turned out to be decoration pieces on a wall of a barbecue restaurant somewhere in down town Miami, Florida.

Colours and Colours

Found colourful rectangles on a wall of a Paper Factory at Dalum, Odense, Denmark. It is a long wall and a portion of the wall also has several geometrical patterns in monochrome.

Colourful Houses, Brazil

Found these colourful houses at Holambra, São Paulo, Brazil. These were created for Floral Expo at Holambra, São Paulo, Brazil 

Experience Music as Colours

The EMP Museum (formerly Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame), Seattle, WA. The building was designed by Frank Gehry and resembles many of his projects constructed in coloured sheet-metal. The colours on the exterior of the Music Museum reminds me of an old Sci-Fi Novel "Tiger-Tiger" (aka The Stars My Destination) by Alfred Bester in which the hero while trapped in a burning building suffers synesthesia; his senses gets disorganised and he experiences sound as colours.

Painted Lady in Purple

A Painted Lady on the Marigny Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

"Painted Ladies" is a term used in in American architecture for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in bright colours.